The Story of Culinary Clicks

The story of Culinary Clicks food blogger event series #foodbloggerevent

Hi there, fellow foodies!

We thought a nice way for our fellow food bloggers to get to know us a little better was to, well… blog about it! Today we’re sharing the story of Culinary Clicks and how it came to be, what we’re all about, and how we came up with our funky name!  

Our Name

What does “Culinary Clicks” mean, anyway? Well, as we share on our about page, we started this event series for food bloggers, media, and influencers to network and learn together. The common ground of all these creatives is their love of food and sharing it, by whatever means. The “culinary” refers to all things food and drink, whether it’s a homemade recipe, a restaurant, or a product. The “clicks” are the mouse clicks or phone taps that all foodies use to create, discover, and share both online at their desktop or on their phone when they like a photo on Instagram, share on Facebook, or save on Pinterest. You can put it all together by looking at our logo, which depicts a whisk for all the wonderful things food bloggers make or taste, and the clicks that they use to share it with the online world out there.

Culinary Clicks is an event series bringing together food bloggers, media, and influencers alike. #foodbloggerevents

How it all began

About a year ago, founder Mallory Middleton started a little hobby blog called Cheers Years documenting her favorite homemade cocktail recipes. Her full-time day job required her to go to many conferences, workshops, and networking meet-ups. She started wondering where to find in-person events like this for food bloggers. There were a few opportunities out there, but not many in the Southeast. There are so many wonderful online resources and places to virtually connect with other food bloggers, media, and influencers. What Mallory was craving, however, was a real-life opportunity to meet them and ask questions, share stories, and learn from each other. After a year of dreaming, scheming and then putting plans into action, she decided to start an effort to gather her fellow foodies. Here we are, a mission statement, wonderful team, and partners now in place to make this dream a reality!

The story of Culinary Clicks event series for food bloggers, media, and influencers.

Where we’re going

We’re not sure if any amount of planning can prepare organizations for the future that lies ahead of them. What we do know is that it’s our goal to create many opportunities for food bloggers to connect, learn, and grow their craft and business of blogging (or photographing, or writing), together. We’re starting with our Pop-Up Event Series in Durham, NC this July, and could not be more excited to see what wonderful things happen for those attending.

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Where, or what will our next event be? We’ve got ALL the ideas, but at the core is what’s best for our foodie community. Stay connected with us through signing up for our newsletter, joining our Facebook group, or engage with us on Instagram to give us YOUR ideas and input. We’re just getting started, and we’d love your support!

Culinary Clicks event series for food bloggers, media, and influencers. #foodbloggerevents

Have a wonderful weekend blogging, graming, writing, and doing what you do.